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D.PriyaDharshini 1, C.Hentry2, B.Leema Rose 3

Keyword Optical material, Oxalic Acid, Gravimetric, Structural resemblance, Thiourea


The growth of single crystals of pure and Oxalic Acid (OA)-doped Thiourea (TU) was accomplished by solvent evaporation. The grown crystals were characterised by Single crystal X-ray diffraction, X-ray powder diffraction, FTIR, EDAX, SEM, UV-visible, and TG/DTA techniques. The OA-doped TU crystal has good optical transmission in the entire visible range. The UV-visible transmittance shows that the 0.5 M% OA doped TU and 1 M% doped TU at the lower cut-off wavelength was found to be reduced by 139.9 nm and 141.1 nm, compared to pure TU, which is an essential requirement for a nonlinear optical material.


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Vol. 43 No. 01 (2024)