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Pradnya Kulkarni [0000-0001-6855-2707]1, Dr. Vinaya Gohokar [0000-0002-7386-0234]1, Kunal Kulkarni [0009-0006-1143-253X] 1

Keyword Communication, Hydroponics, IoT Technology, Agriculture, Sensors


Worldwide population is anticipated around 9 billion till 2050. Therefore traditional farming has limitations to fulfill the food demands. Alternate solutions are necessary for farming that can use modern technologies. Growing the crops in different regions of the world is a challenge due to environmental conditions. Hydroponics has become popular for the last few years as it can produce better quality crops using minimum resources. Being scalable to use in greenhouse, poly house or indoor set up, hydroponics is a sustainable solution for smart agriculture. It is a method of growing plants without using soil. Nutrients dissolved in water are given to plants. This paper presents a review of various hydroponic methods mainly used in India; technologies used in IoT based hydroponic farming and communication protocols used in data transfer. Various types of plants like leafy, tuber and fruit plants are cultivated using suitable hydroponic methods. The work presents the plant nutritional requirements. Parameters such as pH, temperature etc. required for plant growth are discussed. Technologies like Internet of Things, Machine Learning etc. are widely used for monitoring the parameters and to get better quality yield. Wireless Sensor Network collects the information from the field to make a data repository about temperature, humidity etc. Data is processed and sent using networks. Image processing helps collect plant images for monitoring, disease tracking as per requirement. Network technologies like LoRa, ZigBee, etc. help exchange the information from field to control station. The overall work done by researchers worldwide is showcased for all these aspects. Open issues and challenges are discussed for future work in hydroponics.


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