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Tapaswini Sahu1*, Madhab Chandra Tripathy2, , Sumit Swain3

Keyword Fractional-order low-frequency filter (FOLFF), frequency-domain analysis, step-response, sensitivity analysis, fractional-capacitors, and general impedance converter (GIC).


In this work, a low-frequency filter is taken into consideration, where the integer order capacitors and inductor are replaced with fractional-capacitor and general impedance converter (GIC) based fractional-inductor. The performance analysis of the fractional-order low-frequency filter (FOLFF) has been carried both in frequency and time domain. sensitivity analysis of the proposed filter has also been studied to explore the dependence of the filter parameter on exponent variations. It can be observed that, the incorporation of fractional-order elements increases the degree of design freedom of the FOLFF. On the other hand, the comparative analysis of fractional-capacitances with the different peak frequency, cut-off frequency and oscillatory frequency at various orders are obtained in simulation level.


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Vol. 41 No. 10 (2022)