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Khandelwal Abhishek Sitaram, Dr. More Tarachand Ambar

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The startup ecosystem in India has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, attracting significant attention from investors and entrepreneurs. However, despite the growth potential, startups in India face numerous challenges that hinder their growth and sustainability. This review aims to analyze the challenges and financial requirements faced by startup industries in India. One of the significant challenges faced by Indian startups is the lack of access to funding. While there is a considerable amount of venture capital available for startups, most of it is concentrated in a few cities, making it challenging for startups in other regions to secure funding. Additionally, startups in India also face a shortage of skilled manpower, which limits their ability to scale and innovate. Another significant challenge faced by startups in India is regulatory hurdles. The complex regulatory environment in India can make it challenging for startups to comply with the various regulations and laws, adding an additional burden of compliance costs. When it comes to financial requirements, startups in India require seed funding to get off the ground. However, despite the availability of seed funding, startups face a challenging fundraising environment, with investors expecting high returns on their investment. Additionally, startups in India require support from incubators and accelerators to help them navigate the complex business environment and provide access to mentorship and networking opportunities.


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Vol. 40 No. 12 (2021)