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Somesh Nandi1* , Dr Chethana K 2 ,Dr. T Srinivas 3, Dr Rajini V.H4

Keyword Fiber Bragg Grating, Waveguide Bragg Grating , Pressure and Acceleration


A Novel design of Pressure and Acceleration Analysis of multivariate sensor involving different types of Bragg gratings such as chirped, tilted and superstructure are proposed. The design involves a cantilever beam, a waveguide Bragg grating, and a tiny delicate diaphragm. For assessing the acceleration with higher sensitivity, a cantilever beam with a proof mass was formulated. A distinctive mathematical approach utilizing the transfer-matrix technique and coupled-mode theory are proposed to design and observe the Bragg wavelength shift structure of the gratings in case where the pressure and acceleration are applied at the same time. The diaphragm design consists of two different patterns such as square and circular diaphragms and are individually reviewed for assessing the pressure. In contrast to the circular diaphragm, the square diaphragm produces more stress when pressure is applied to it thus resulting in larger sensitivity, and hence square diaphragm is chosen for further analysis. In addition the impact of temperature, pressure and acceleration on the wavelength shift for different types of Bragg gratings is analyzed and compared and the pressure sensitivity of 0.21 pm/Pa and an acceleration sensitivity rate is 6.49 nm/g is achieved.


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Vol. 43 No. 01 (2024)